Special Issue of Electrochimica Acta

We are glad to announce that a selection of scientific contributions will be published in a Virtual Special Issue of ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA entitled "Ionic Liquids for Electrochemical Devices: from fundamentals to functional applications", short title "ILED", edited by Maria Assunta Navarra, Giovanni Battista Appetecchi, Enrico Negro (Guests) and Sergio Trasatti.

Participants are invited to submit their scientific research work, presented at ILED-6 2018 Meeting, in line with the scope of the Virtual Special Issue (VSI), see below.


About the "ILED" VSI:

Attractive features of Ionic Liquids (ILs) such as high ionic conductivity, low vapor pressure, high thermal and electrochemical stability, large temperature range for a liquid phase, and flexibility in molecular design have drawn the attention of researchers from many different fields. ILs have been highlighted as suitable materials to be included in new-generation electrochemical devices, most commonly as electrolyte components. In addition, there is the possibility of designing new materials and morphologies using electrochemical synthesis with ILs. The present "ILED" Virtual Special Issue brings together concepts of the electrochemical disciplines with organic chemistry, materials science and analytical methods related to ILs, spanning from their synthesis through their physical chemical characterization to the final applications. The objective is emphasizing effectively the major role that electrochemistry plays within the frontier research fields focused on Ionic Liquid compounds.

Submission from: 12 September 2018

Submission deadline: 31 December 2018 22 February 2019


Important details:


Advantages of VSI:

Standard Special Issues (SI) were published as hard standalone volumes being part of the Electrochimica Acta collection published annually. The main problem was that SI could be published only as the last paper of the group was accepted. In this way, papers accepted earlier accumulated serious delays of publication. In October 2014, Virtual Special Issues were introduced. Briefly, as a paper for a given special issue is accepted, it is treated by the Production as a regular paper, i.e. it is immediately published in a regular issue, which ensures availability to the scientific community and immediate citability. At the same time, the paper appears on the web in Science Direct in a specific location of Electrochimica Acta. In other words, while contributions to the same SI are published in regular volumes independently of each other, the same contributions are grouped on the web in Science Direct to form a SI which, not existing as hard copy issue, takes the name of VSI. In this way, the time of "virtual" publication of the SI does not influence the time of publication of the single contributions to the SI.

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